OpenSCAD synergy

All this talk of RapCAD hasn’t gone un-noticed by the OpenSCAD maintainer(s). Recently on the OpenSCAD mailing list Marius Kintel has stepped forward and stated that he is now the core maintainer of OpenSCAD. He has also outlined his goals which are similar in essence to my own. Opening up development and try to build a better developer community, as well as hosting better forums/mailing lists bugtrackers and source code management. Based on this and other feedback, I have decided to change my approach somewhat. It doesn’t make all that much sense to duplicate the work of a project that is being actively developed and Marius has agreed that an OpenSCAD evaluation library could benefit multiple projects currently under development. So I will be offering any contributions I can that help OpenSCAD take this direction, and focus on developing RapCAD as a front-end thin wrapper application around this library.


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