I will keep this short and sweet since most of you (in the reprap community) have probably already seen posts like this time and time again. So basically here is a few snapshots of my build progress

Everything went together fairly easily, there were a few minor errors in the assembly instructions which I corrected. The only trouble I had was with Adrian’s geared extruder driver. The base has countersunk holes to fit the heads of M4 bolts, however they were not big enough and reaming them out to 7mm I almost drilled right through. I also felt that the extruder design in general was a bit “bitty” and so I am re-designing the thing from scratch. Here is a sneak peek

The following view shows the lower half of my redesign of the axle mount, it fully encapsulates the bearing rather than having them floating free. (The image shows two separate parts which would be bolted together)

I am intending to also use my internal teeth gear concept with this design

I also designed a hobbed m4 insert

The hobbed insert will soon be available to buy courtesy of raysu in his ebay shop. Price is currently TBC, but he offers similar items at around $8.50