CloudsCAD synergy

Another motivation for writing RapCAD is to provide a complimentary back end tool for CloudsCAD. As I understand, a number of features have been requested by Tony Buser and the CloudsCAD community and which the OpenSCAD community has been unable to address. I am hoping to build a stronger community by setting up and hosting state of the art bugtracking and source code management tools.


One thought on “CloudsCAD synergy”

  1. Hey, interesting, that sounds great. CloudSCAD has been kind of sidetracked by working on the javascript renderer as a side project and the prospect of trying to figure out how to get OpenSCAD to compile scripts from the command line faster (amongst other things) has gotten me down… so yeah, if you’re planning to support OpenSCAD code and/or have a similar system, I’d be really interested. One of my longer term goals with CloudSCAD was to include slicing and sharing skeinforge settings – so if you’re also planning to include slicing, that might be interesting to web-enable it. I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to open source CloudSCAD once I get thingiview.js wrapped up.

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