New Release

A few things have been added to RapCAD in the last 6 months so I decided to make a new release. Hopefully now that the release scripts are working on the build server I will be able to make releases more frequently, assuming that enough gets added to the code base to warrant a new release. I’d like to make releases once a month again as I think that was just about right.


  • Implemented add assign (+=), and subtract assign (-=) operators.
  • Added some simple examples.
  • Implemented center() module for centering about the bounding box.
  • Fix for cylinder and cube of zero height.
  • Updated icons.
  • Added support for non centered spheres
  • Implemented new functions tanh() sinh() cosh() atan() atan2() acos() asin() exp() pow() ceil() floor() round() min() max() sign() abs() sin() cos() tan().
  • Added warning when function cannot be found.

Version 0.7.0 is available this month. See the Download Page for details.


5 thoughts on “New Release”

  1. Any way you could add subdivision support for the cylinder function? Commonly in OpenSCAD it’s used to make nut-traps.

    Usually it’s done something like this
    cylinder(radius, height, surface_faces)

    So we can specify 6 surface faces for a hexagonal nut, or leave unspecified to have the program calculate a good smooth number for a cylinder. OpenSCAD is _largely_ used in the reprap community, with many scad files available on (just search for parametric).

  2. RapCAD offers a better solution to creating “trapped nut” holes.


    This is a better solution because techically if you specify the number of sides then its not a cylinder, and also you can specify the distance across the nut flats using apothem, (raduis argument is also supported)

  3. I also run into the problem of cylinders having too few faces when made too small. I don’t see anything in the documentation on how to fix this…

  4. I do intend adding support for special variables $fn $fs $fa as you would expect to find but this is not implemented yet. In the meantime you can use the following workaround. Simply create a cylinder bigger than you need and scale it down e.g:

    /** @r radius @h height @f smoothness factor */
    module Cylinder(r,h,f){


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