New Release

A few things have been added to RapCAD in the last 6 months so I decided to make a new release. Hopefully now that the release scripts are working on the build server I will be able to make releases more frequently, assuming that enough gets added to the code base to warrant a new release. I’d like to make releases once a month again as I think that was just about right.


  • Implemented add assign (+=), and subtract assign (-=) operators.
  • Added some simple examples.
  • Implemented center() module for centering about the bounding box.
  • Fix for cylinder and cube of zero height.
  • Updated icons.
  • Added support for non centered spheres
  • Implemented new functions tanh() sinh() cosh() atan() atan2() acos() asin() exp() pow() ceil() floor() round() min() max() sign() abs() sin() cos() tan().
  • Added warning when function cannot be found.

Version 0.7.0 is available this month. See the Download Page for details.