New Interest

I haven’t been able to work on RapCAD for a few months as I have been busy with other activities. I have however been contacted by a few people who are still interested in the project. I have even had one person willing to help out with the coding, so I would like to take the opportunity to welcome Steve Kelly aboard the dev team.


4 thoughts on “New Interest”

  1. I just came across RapCAD, and it certainly looks promising. I like OpenSCAD’s easy install and use, but the programming model is painfully limited. I installed RapCAD in minutes, which is great, but now I’m running into limits in the documents. For example, what are the commands for control flow (if, for, etc.)?

  2. Firstly I am glad to hear that the install of RapCAD was easy, which platform are you using?

    As for the flow control commands ‘if’ and ‘for’ are both available and work in much the same way as OpenSCAD. They are not documented yet, but I will add some documentation if it helps.

  3. I’m on a Mac (OS X 10.7.3).

    What would be really useful would be some examples, as those would clarify quite a bit about the language and how to use it. Something like the OpenSCAD examples would be nifty. But really, anything you’ve written would be great to share.

    I’ll also note – the forums look like they’ve been spammed. You might want to see if you can lock them down a bit.

  4. Really glad to hear that RapCAD works on OS X 10.7.3. I build the Mac releases on a VirtualBox machine, and as such the VM doesn’t have the graphics drivers to test that GLView actually works. So I have been under the assumption until now that it does.

    I will try to make some more examples of what RapCAD can do and prehaps show off the features that exceed OpenSCAD’s capabilities.

    There are some examples here

    Thanks for the note about the forum. I thought that I had set it up so that only registered users could post, after this happened before. I will have to clean it up again and check the settings.

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