Build Server

RapCAD builds are becoming a bit tedious so I am trying to streamline the process by setting up a build server that hopefully will automagically build for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Because of this, I have not done much development on RapCAD this month just a few bug fixes.

The build server is a small mini-itx based rackmount server that stays on permanently and runs a few other daemons and cron jobs. It has quite a nice hard disk layout with the main readonly partition being on a flash drive and the /home on a large RAID array. /tmp and swap are on partitions of the disks that do not form part of the array. The server runs some VirtualBox VMs that do the build processes for the various platforms.

Version 0.6.0 is available this month. See the Download Page for details.


7 thoughts on “Build Server”

  1. Great, I’m looking forward to trying out a recent iteration on a Mac. I’ve been trying to extend some of William’s work, but the lack of extensible arrays has stymied me. How close are you to STL export capability?

    1. STL Export has been available since version 0.2.0, for which there is a Mac version available. I will get my Mac virtual machine working and build the missing Mac versions though so you can try out some of the newer features.

  2. Great, but since dynamic arrays are the most important feature for what I want to do, I think I’ll wait until you’ve got the new versions built for Mac. I’m excited to see these long-awaited extensions to OpenSCAD.

  3. Thanks, you’ve done an amazing job! I just translated my ellipsoid puzzle to .rcad and it works perfectly. I had a little trouble until I realized that trig functions aren’t implemented yet (it would be nice if they threw an error rather than just returning the wrong answer). It might also be useful if you could declare a global constant, which would function more like the old OpenSCAD parameters, just for backwards compatibility. I really like having actual variables now though!

  4. Hey, I will try and get the trig functions implemented as soon as I find a bit of time. Would sin(), cos(), and tan() be the ones you are after for now? Are there any other math functions that you would like to see?
    You should also note that there is a const keyword in RapCAD which allows you to declare variables that are backwards compatible with OpenSCAD’s (non)variables.

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