Basic Evaluation

RapCAD has now got to the point where scripts can be evaluated at a text level. What I mean by this is that modules functions statements and expressions can be evaluated and the results of those evaluations can be output to stdout using the echo module. There is no 3D output yet, so most of this is pretty trivial, but it has been fun for me to learn how to write code in C++. I still need to improve usage of ‘const correctness’ and consider using references instead of pointers, but on the whole I am happy with what I have managed so far. It might be of interest to mention at this stage that I have implemented “Variables that will” and Functions with function bodies are coming along. is implemented.

In the meantime as I have discovered how to do things by implementing them in RapCAD, I have been able to supply similar fixes to OpenSCAD, the most notable being support for nested includes.


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