Fuzz Testing

After completing implementation of the RapCAD parser I decided to give it a thorough test against as many files as possible. I created a script that scoured thingiverse and created a list of thingiverse scad asset urls.

I then ran the RapCAD parser against all of the downloaded scad scripts to see how it fared. The test includes 515 scad scripts, of these 380 seem to parse without problems, and 135 throw up syntax errors.
I have been investigating these errors. I found that 60 of the errors are accounted for by the fact that I am not supporting implicit includes (a deprecated feature in OpenSCAD). The remaining 75 are caused by the fact that I have created a more strict grammar for RapCAD. Hopefully this will mean my RapCAD parser is a more robust and less ambiguous. I will attempt to justify all of the syntax “improvements” and suggest changes that the OpenSCAD developers can consider.

Here is a list of those syntax errors:
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