Neat hack to ATX power supply

I have been progressing slowly with my reprap build, spending a little time here and there modifying the electronics so that the wiring is neater. There are some details on the reprap wiki about how hack an ATX power supply to give you a universal power supply. This is my sightly neater solution which is specifically suited to reprap only.

With minimal filing the standard ATX power supply grommet hole can be opened out to fit a standard XLR socket. I used a female socket as opposed to the male socket mounted on the reprap. This is standard practice and ensures that the pins of the socket cannot be touched if the connector is removed. In general the live end is protected and the cold end is not.


4 thoughts on “Neat hack to ATX power supply”

  1. Sorry, this is totally off topic, but did you ever manage to get a force directed algorithm to work in c#. I am struggling badly and noticed you posted on there.

    1. Aaah, this is in reply to my post on another blog. Sorry no, I never managed to get that working and the guy who wrote it is keeping his source secret.

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