Gravity – The delusive force

Why is gravity so weak? Possibly because its the sub-dimensional effect of a much stronger super-symmetric hyper-force. Maybe its because gravity is mediated by closed strings whereas the other forces are mediated by open strings. Either way, as well as being extremely weak compared to the other fundamental forces its also extremely  unreliable. Sure we stay attached to the earth most of the time, but when it comes to holding things down like the Y Axis of my OverlapStrap you cant rely on it at all!

To resolve this problem I added some reinforcements to the Y-Chassis so that it is clamped down in much the same was as the X-Carriage.

I had run out of alu angle, so I used fixit blocks instead, and also because it just illustrates a slightly different implementation of the same concept. I also got some scotch double sided tape as recommended and covered the acrylic bed with it. With these tweaks in place I was able to print belt-width-adjuster_1off.stl again, only this time I could remove it from the bed without breaking it.

The photo above is the bottom side that was attached to the bed, the top is pretty much the same quality as before. Then I got a bit more ambitious and decided to print something bigger belt-split-jig-bracket-universal_2off.stl

Sadly both of these failed. The problem this time is that being larger parts, they succumb to the effects of warping. The parts warped so much that the part came off the bed mid print, and the layers got completely misaligned. I have ordered the parts for a heated bed, and also ordered some PLA, as I understand warping is less of a problem with PLA.

Going back to smaller parts, my best print so far after alot of tinkering, and pain with reprap host came out much better than my first attempt.

On the left is the new print, and on the right is my first print for comparison. For reference, my settings I tweaked were:

  • Reduced Temp to 220°C
  • Increaced Filament Size to 0.85mm
  • Increaced Infill Size to 0.6mm
  • Increaced Layer Height to 0.4mm

2 thoughts on “Gravity – The delusive force”

  1. Unless those colour changes are from mixing filament/s, it looks like you are running your exruder too hot, and it’s burning the filament.

    1. Indeed, I was previously running at 240°C which I think was a bit hot, and so now am running at 220°C. Also I think the warped peices, are mainly brown in the areas where the corners have curled up, and are getting burned when they were colliding with the heater block.

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