First Print!

Well I haven’t posted for a while, because I have been working on my¬†Decking. As well as that though I have been finishing off the OverlapStrap, since my last post I have made several improvements, such as beefing up the X-Carriage

Improving the way the Thermal Barrier was fixed to the CrudeStruder. I also added the finishing touches such as mounting the end stops, wiring up all the (pre-assembled) electronics, and general finishing off needed to test everything.

Then this weekend after a lot of tinkering and a lot of help from Tonokip via IRC, I was able to print my own derived version of Nopheads Mendel Pulley which I re-designed in openscad.

It looks pretty ugly, but I am quite pleased that its roughly resembles the pulley that I was aiming for. It did however need some cleaning up, this is what it looked like straight of of the printer.

The problems I am having are

  • Getting the right setting for e_steps_per_mm
  • Getting the first layer to stick (I am currently printing directly onto MDF so no surprise)
  • Strings and crud attached to one side.
  • Detail level is too low. (The pulley is not detailed enough to have teeth yet so its not usable)