My Laptop

Sony Vaio PCG FX 805This is my new laptop, it is a Sony Vaio PCG-FX805. I will shortly be receiving as a birthday/graduation gift. I know I am getting it, as my Dad and I were looking for the best price. We ordered it online from



The primary goal of this project was to produce an effective short-term memory aid and reminder system that requires a minimum of the user’s attention. The function of the system is to deliver reminders to the user in a timely, situation-appropriate way, without requiring intervention on the part of the user beyond the initial request to be reminded. In other words, the system behaves like a reliable human assistant that remembers reminder requests and delivers them under appropriate circumstances. A context blind reminder system (a modern PDA) which records and structures reminder requests can not know the user’s context. The Problem to be Addressed, or the Limitations of Context Blind Systems People’s lives are increasingly complicated, and the need for effective logistical and memory aids is on the rise. For years, digital technology and computers have promised effective solutions for the problems of organization and memory, Such a system is qualitatively different from a passive reminder system (such as a paper organizer) or a but present technology offers little more than an incremental improvement over the paper scheduler and alarm clock of the 19th century. Even the most sophisticated PDA is deaf and blind, and knows no more about the user’s context than the time of day. The solution we propose is a proactive, context-aware memory aid called Ecko. By creating a reminder system that is context aware, the role of the system is transformed from a blind, passive organizer to a proactive, perceptive entity akin to a human assistant.

Space Game

This simple game is implemented in Prospero Pascal. It demonstrates an understanding of structured programming. The object of the game is to shoot space craft that fly down from the top of the screen. The program uses it own format of bitmap (just raw pixel data) and loads these bitmaps into ram, for quick re-painting manipulation. It uses a 256 color video mode driver which was provided by Prospero’s Graph Library. Another feature of the game is the 3D Star field simulation that is in the background, It tracks the movement of your space ship.

“In the aftermath of the Tzenkethi wars, humanity faces destruction. With the loss of the first fleet and over 140 warships, defeat is now imminent; only the Chinkota system stands in its way. The development of a new quantum phase inhibitor, capable of annihilating entire planets using phased cascade pulses, is Mankind’s only chance for survival. Now, as the commander of the flagship Akira, you must lead the ninth fleet in defence of the orbital platforms, the Chinkota system and the future of humanity. Using electrodynamic polaron bolts, capable of multi-vector assaults, your mission is the protection of our greatest hopes, whatever the cost. Battles will be fought, lives will be lost and the galaxy will be changed forever. Saddle up: Lock and load.”