RapCAD dynamic arrays.

Just a short post this month. I just wanted to give an example of dynamic arrays which are available in RapCAD version 0.4.0. The screenshot shows what I came up with. Not very exciting, but hoping that this will help William Adams to realise some ideas that he has had regarding this. The thing that makes dynamic arrays work is the concatenation operator ~ and the append operator ~=. The operators were influenced by thier counterparts in the d programming language. On another note I have been talking again with Marius who has been looking at the RapCAD back-end code, he seems quite interested in collaborating on a shared back-end library. At this stage he is working to get his visitor branch into OpenSCAD master. When this is done and stable we would like to put some of RapCAD’s features such as this one into OpenSCAD.

Version 0.4.0 is available this month and supports Dynamic Arrays. See the Download Page for details.