OverlapStrap Y Chassis Rebuild

For some reason my Y Chassis started to stiffen up such that the leadscrew would pull out of the silicone tubing attaching it to the stepper. Although I managed to get it working again with the leadscrew, I figured that this would not be much good when I upgraded to belts. There were a couple of other niggles I had with the design, so I decided to redesign and rebuild the chassis. This time rather than using fixit blocks to act as clamps I decided to go back to the tried and tested aluminum angle design.

Since the build surface is raised above the chassis using PTFE stands, I didn’t need to do nearly any counter-sinking of holes, as before.

All the OverlapStrap drawings have been updated to reflect the changes.

By the way, If anyone is wondering what the big red thing is on the bottom of the bed its a huge 600W, 9″ Silicone heater for my heated bed. I will blog more about it when its finished but here is a sneak peak


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