OverlapStrap X Carriage

Here is the latest photo of my OverlapStrap I have made quite a lot of progress on the X axis Carriage. As you can see the basic idea is the same as the Z skates and Z rollers previously posted. Also mounted is the CrudeStruder. I feel like i am very close to getting things working, all the electronics all also ready they are just waiting to be connected up. I just need to re-inforce a few things, tweak a few other things, and hope that the whole thing comes together as planned.


5 thoughts on “OverlapStrap X Carriage”

  1. I see a couple of things I’ve been wondering about. It looks like there’s a gray blob of plastic with a screw through a piece of angle into it. Holding it all together?

    I’ve got a similar problem trying to connect two pieces of angle together. Can you enlighten me?

    And what’s the cellophane tape holding together?

  2. The thing between the crudestruder mounting rail, and the carriage skate is just an m5 mudguard washer which I added to give a bit of extra spacing.

    The crudestruder mounting rail is currently a bit short, I need to make a longer one and then I can use m4 bolts to hold the skate lower bearing mount. I just taped it on for the photo to show that I intend to add this as a re-inforcement, as I dont think relying on gravity will surfice in this case.

  3. Yeah. The picture does help.

    I tried drilling into the “V” of the angle some time ago. Not very successfully. Made a hole, just not where I needed it! Didn’t have a drill press then. Might be more successful now.


  4. I should think a drill press will help, although I have managed without one. As for geting the holes where you want them my advise would be the same for any hole you are drilling in alu, which is measure it as accurate as you can, and mark it with an engineer’s scribe. Then use a punch to make a dent on the alu which will make a nice point on which the drill bit will stay on, and not slide round all over the place. Make sure you use sharp drill bits and if you are using a cordless power drill make sure it is full of juice so that the drill is running fast. You should also consider doing it in two stages. Start with a small pilot followed by a hole of the desired size, this is because smaller drill bits will be easier to keep within the centre punched dent.

    Another thing that I do when drilling into the top of an alu V is put the rotation of the drill backwards for a short burst, this will not actually cut much material, infact it probably damages the drill bit a little, but it does seem to make the hole easier to start, when you turn the rotation back the right way.

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