OverlapStrap Fixit Blocks

“Fixit blocks” are the bread and butter for Bodgeit’s Repstrap Bertha and my own OverlapStrap design. They are convenient little fixing blocks sold by:

Unfortunately for people living outside the UK these blocks seem to be difficult to source. I am afraid that I also don’t have a solution for people wanting to buy these blocks from a supplier in their own country. However I am willing to re-sell packs of blocks via ebay, and ship internationally so if anyone is interested drop me an email. It seemed to me that also no one has drawn accurate drawings of these blocks for anyone who was interested in making their own. So here are the drawings below

The drawing is also available here as a DXF file.

Also for anyone trying to source these in other countries, here are some potentially useful search terms:
Modesty Block
Jointing Blocks
Knock Down Block
Knock Down Fittings
Fixit Block
Fixing Block
Cabinet Fixing Block
Viereck Möbelverbinder – German for: Quadrilateral Furniture Connector
Cupboard Connector Block

There is also something very similar, but not quite the same in the USA. I think in the USA they might be known as ‘Knock Down’ fittings/connectors.


6 thoughts on “OverlapStrap Fixit Blocks”

  1. Great News!, shame that they have a $75 minimum order. I can think why anyone making a repstrap would want that many. But at least if there is this supplier then there might be more…?

  2. You have all done better than I did. I looked and found a source then lost it before bookmarking it and never found it again. 2 pounds shipped from UK is way better than $5.39 for 8 shipped from USA. Making 100 of them for 2 pounds? I don’t think so. Wonder what the shipping would be.

    @mfsamuel I like the way you made the top connector on your mendel. Nice. Lot easier than cutting wood.

  3. Modesty Blocks are also referred to as Mod Blocks, Half Blocks, Carcase Connectors and Plastic Carcasse Connection Mouldings.

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