OverlapStrap Z Skates

I have built the first of the Z skates for OverlapStrap.They can be tightened using the 4 M4x40 bolts, and when tightened just right they run very smoothly. I haven’t had a chance to upload any drawings of the parts that make it up yet.

This image gives you an idea of angles at which the bearings are arranged.


4 thoughts on “OverlapStrap Z Skates”

  1. Great. You have come up with several good inovations. Keep it up. I'm following you on the reprap aggregation pipe line.Arvin

  2. I have used a similar approach for my z-axis. Key difference is that instead of a rod, I'm running the bearings along another aluminium angle. It also runs smoothly and seems to be quite stiff to resist lateral movement

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