(Note: This is a work in progress see Holidays)

I just got back from a Holiday in Portugal with Joey. We had a wonderful time in the sun being really lazy and enjoying swimming and sun bathing. On the first day it was really foggy which was weird but also quite nice since we didn’t get the fully impact of the sun while we acclimatised. The first real day of our holiday we spent on Priaia de Caveiero (Caveiero Beach), It was a small beach which meant it was quite quiet. The next day we went to the Slide and Splash Water Park.
Boat Trip
Praia de Paradiso (Paradise Beach)
Praia de Cranerios (Cranerios Beach)


One thought on “Portugal”

  1. Its great you visit Portugal.

    Portugal has 526 beaches along the coast ,with the European Environment Agency Rating Excellent to 468 beaches , and the Portuguese region of Algarve won the prize of the World Travel Wards as Europe’s Leading Beach Destination 2013 .

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