I went to Amsterdam last weekend with Joey, Trish and Chris. The flight over from Bradford-Leeds Airport was fairly quick and painless, however we did have trouble finding our Hotel which apparently had moved (it was a Boat Hotel)

The first night we were there we met these two English girls from Weston-Super Mare, they were quite drunk and really funny. We were supposed to all meet up in the Facebook Friends of the Amstel Botel Group, but haven’t heard from them since. The next morning we were all feeling a little hung over, Trish was feeling a bit “sea sick”, so Chris, Joey and I all went into Amsterdam city centre, to have a few early morning beers. When Trish met up with us later we all had a snack of Manneken Pis before going to a famous museum close by. We spend the rest of the day shopping, drinking and treating ourself to a really nice meal.

The second day we went to the Amestedam Taussauds waxworks museum, it was really busy but really fun to see such lifelike models. We spent the rest of the day shopping exploring and drinking.


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