Conversation with my Dad about "T'Internet"

Dad: “How do I turn off your Internet.”
Giles: “Its a router, you just leave it connected.” (He has an ADSL modem)
Dad: “But how do I close the website down so that its not connected to that website, I don’t want to hog that website.”
Giles: “HTTP is stateless meaning that the website is no longer connected as soon as you have finished loading the page.”
Dad: “Well with some websites you have to log off, like Banks, and they have a lot of problems when too many people are logged in.”
Giles: “The problems that Banks have are very specific to their applications, which is why for example you can’t press the back button on Barclays, because banks try to have stateful sessions built on top of HTTP which is stateless, but the rest of the web works the way I just said.”
Dad: “oh”

Later on my “Technophobic” Dad beat us all at Wii Bowling.


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