iMindMap Example
I am trying out Tony Buzan’s iMindMap I wanted a piece of software that could capture my thoughts quickly. Mind Maps seem like the best solution for this. iMindMap produces excellent mind maps very quickly, but the best thing is that the maps are visually appealling. This is good for presentations but also helps you to remember things if they are organic and colorful.


2 thoughts on “iMindMap”

  1. I am planning to buy some mind-mapping software, and I am looking for the best product. I like Tony Buzan’s imindmap, but I was concerned to read your comment above. Is there a spelling mistake? There is a big difference between something being ‘visually appealing’ and ‘visually appalling’! I look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Bruce Roberts.

  2. oops, Typo corrected. Another software application I tried was FreeMind, which has the advantage of being free and open source. For a more definitive list look at this List of Mind Mapping Software
    I liked iMindMap the most, the only downside I have ever heard is that its slow because it uses Java. For my Cousin who also now uses this software this was more of a hindrance for him than for me because his PC was significantly slower. He also had problems printing, but these were specific to his set-up. I had no problems printing.

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