OverlapStrap Z Roller

I have finished building the Z axis roller that is mounted on the other Z axis rail. I really liked the axes design that Ed has used for mendel. I can imagine that if the Z Axis rails were not exactly parallel, and I had used two identical skates, then there would be the possibility that the skates would jam either at the top or bottom of the axes.
My design includes a 1/2″ x 1/8″ aluminium bar that is made by cutting an edge off a length of aluminium angle that I have used before.

OverlapStrap Y-Roller and Chassis Drawings

Here are a few extra drawings of the parts shown in the photo from the post I did a few weeks ago.
The chassis is made from 12mm thick mdf. I chose 12mm thick mdf so that it would be the same width as the original parts that I made from 12mm thick timber, as such someone wanting to make both those parts and the chassis on a cnc router machine could make it from one sheet. I am not really sure why I chose 12mm thick for corner parts, it just seemed like a good thickness at the time.
I think its important to give as much detail as possible so that anyone else wanting to make one could do so, and so that people can make improvements. Well, I suppose that’s the whole point of open source.

As usual the drawings are here

OverlapStrap Y Skate

The main reason my plans for this repstrap deviate from the work being done by bodgeit was because he uses 606 bearings. I wanted to use the M4 bearings that are part of the Mendel Bill of materials. Instead I have made these skates inspired by those used in the build your cnc project.

The M4 bearings are mounted on 1/2″ x 1/2″ x 1/8″ Aluminium Equal Angle which I picked up from eBay

As usual the dxf files can be found here