Linux on Tom Tom

Screenshot of TomTom ONE XL running BusyBox

I recently discovered how Hacker Friendly My Tom Tom is. Here is a screenshot of TomTom running a text console with on screen keyboard.


Hold on to my Tom Tom, Tom

Tom Tom One XLMy TomTom arrived in the post today. I was very excited but managed to hold of my temptation to open the box until I had at least had my dinner. Later on I wanted to try it out whilst taking my friend Tom to the local Morrisons, I handed it to him and said “Hold on to my Tom Tom, Tom”. Ha Ha Ha I am so funny. The TomTom was a Christmas present (well actually I bought it in the Halfords sale using money my parents gave me for christmas). I am very pleased with it so far, its very easy to use and very intuative. In fact I didn’t need to reference the manual at all… not that I ever do anyway.

Barclays PinSentry

PinSentryMy PinSentry device from Barclays arrived today. I really think its a good move by Barclays to introduce this two-factor authentication. The only trouble with this type of security is that it doesn’t protect against man in the middle attacks, so its still important to check that the site you are visiting has the https:// in the address bar.

Personal Timeline

Personal TimelineAfter recently finding this British History Timeline, I decided to map out a brief history of Giles Bathgate. The first blue section represents my early childhood. Followed by a green section representing my Pre-school years. The orange section is my time at Secondary School, followed by the two years at college in yellow. The four years I spent at University are purple followed finally a blue section which represents working up to the present day. The red section at the end represents the range of years in which i might pass away due to natural causes.

I used the following code to generate the timeline image.
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Password recovery

This morning one of my colleague’s phoned me telling me that he had forgotten his password. I advised him to download and use the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor I recalled the last time I used it being incredibly non user friendly and also because of the bad NTFS write support. The experience of having to run chkdsk on reboot made me feel very uneasy. When I get time I would like to make a Slax based LiveCD that uses the new NTFS user mode mount tool which has better write support, and perhaps a nice curses based menu system that steps you through the process.

A New Hobby

I want to take up a new hobby, I am interested in doing something cool like being a DJ, but everyone wants to be a DJ these days and the euipment needed is pretty expensive. First you need a decent pair of decks costing upwards of ┬ú200 each, and then a mixer. Of course you also need a collection of Vynls which can cost ┬ú1000’s depending on the size of your collection. I also thought that all this was a bit ridiculous in the digital age when you can download mp3’s for next to nothing and have a massive collection of music. What I have decided todo instead which I think is more creative is to make my own music. Yes of course you can create music without a computer, or even electronic music without a computer. Most would probably argue that old analogue devices produce much better quality sound than digital devices. I am not going to get into that debate.