Music Software

While I was at university I remember a mate of mine showing me this software called Reason. He was making some amazing dark drum and bass sounds using it, and I remember thinking how cool it was that the software basically tries to simulate a series of rack based synhesisers. Unfortunately his copy of Reason 1.0 was a demo version which had the limitation that he could not save, and that after 20 minutes the program was forced to close.
Not wanting to be contrained by these limitations I decided to download a copy of the full version of reason using the file sharing tool Emule. I of course do intend to buy the software at some point because propellerheads deserve to have my money for writing such an excellent piece of software, and the only way they can make the software better is if they have customers buying it.


A New Hobby

I want to take up a new hobby, I am interested in doing something cool like being a DJ, but everyone wants to be a DJ these days and the euipment needed is pretty expensive. First you need a decent pair of decks costing upwards of £200 each, and then a mixer. Of course you also need a collection of Vynls which can cost £1000’s depending on the size of your collection. I also thought that all this was a bit ridiculous in the digital age when you can download mp3’s for next to nothing and have a massive collection of music. What I have decided todo instead which I think is more creative is to make my own music. Yes of course you can create music without a computer, or even electronic music without a computer. Most would probably argue that old analogue devices produce much better quality sound than digital devices. I am not going to get into that debate.